Our Cloth Nappies Are 100% Australian-Made!

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Our Cloth Nappies Are 100% Australian-Made!

Ella & Maeve cloth nappies are 100% Australian-made, and we’re shouting it from the rooftops!

Choosing Australia-made products is an important part of supporting the local economy and small Australian businesses, but that isn’t the only benefit. In fact, it’s just the beginning!

By purchasing cloth nappies here in Australia, you can be confident in the quality, safety, and eco-friendliness of your child’s reusable nappies. Australian-made nappies are subject to strict rules and regulations that help to ensure your child gets the best product on the market.

Here’s everything you need to know about Australian-made certification and why it’s so important.

How can you be sure your nappies are made in Australia?

By choosing Australian-made cloth nappies, you’re playing an important role in supporting local businesses, makers, and suppliers. But how can you be sure which products are truly made in Australia?

The easiest way to check for Aussie authenticity is by looking for the famous Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo, which features a green triangle and a stylised image of a yellow kangaroo.

The AMAG logo is a registered certification trademark, which means that not everyone can use it.

Companies like Ella & Maeve have to undergo strict registration and approval processes with Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) to prove that their products are made in Australia using top-quality materials.

Next time you’re shopping for modern cloth nappies or another product, keep a lookout for the AMAG logo. Your purchase will keep funds within the national economy and help to generate income in support of local jobs and industries.

The benefits of choosing Australian-made cloth nappies

If supporting local businesses isn’t enough, purchasing Australian-made cloth nappies has many other benefits. Here are just a few.


As parents, we all want the best for our children. Choosing high-quality cloth nappies and other baby products is a part of protecting your child’s health and well-being.

Australia has strict quality, production, and manufacturing standards, ensuring that all products are safe and non-toxic.

While nappies manufactured overseas might include harmful materials or chemicals, Australian-made cloth nappies are subject to Aussie safety standards, which require businesses to use high-quality materials and to avoid toxic chemicals.

Our country is as committed to your child’s well-being as you are, so if you’re looking for safe, healthy modern cloth nappies, look for the AMAG stamp of approval.


Australian sustainability standards are also an important part of ensuring your modern cloth nappies remain an eco-friendly choice.

Here in Australia, product manufacturers have to align with rules that protect the environment and aim to limit the effects of climate change. These include regulations that restrict the use of chemicals and pollutants.

Buying locally made products also means that you can order cloth nappies to be delivered domestically. This limits energy consumption associated with freight, reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainability is more important than ever when you’re a parent. After all, it’s your child’s world that you’re protecting!


Have you ever ordered a product from an overseas supplier only to find yourself still waiting for international shipping to catch up several months later?

Australia’s distant location often makes international shipping a challenge, with buyers facing high shipping costs and drawn-out delivery schedules. What about a product with less distance to travel?

By buying Australian-made cloth nappies, you can avoid wait times and postage costs, relying on domestic shipping timelines and prices instead.

Purchasing Australian-made cloth nappies is the time- and cost-effective choice, helping you get the products you need without waiting or overspending.

Ella & Maeve Australian-made certification

At Ella & Maeve, we’re proud to have recently received approval to use the AMAG logo!

We’ve always known the value of producing our modern cloth nappies locally, and we’re excited to continue making nappies the Australian way.

When you notice the AMAG logo on Ella & Maeve reusable nappy products, you can be proud of your purchasing decision. You’re supporting our eco ethos, our commitment to safe manufacturing, and our ongoing role as a premium Australian business.

Our Australian-made certification is one more step towards the future of Ella & Maeve. We’re on track to become one of Australia’s leading cloth nappy suppliers!

Searching for the best modern cloth nappies Australia has to offer? Look no further than Ella & Maeve! We provide stylish, comfortable nappies made locally using organic materials. Shop the range online!

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