Are You a Cloth Nappy Addict? 5 Signs That This Could Be You!

Are You a Cloth Nappy Addict? 5 Signs That This Could Be You!

There’s no doubt about it; choosing cloth nappies is a major lifestyle choice! You’re saying no to disposables and deciding to recycle and reuse.

When you choose modern cloth nappies, you’re making a decision for the benefit of the environment and your child’s skin. Your decision has the power to change the world. Isn’t that amazing?

The knowledge that your use of washable nappies is making a difference to the environment is a pretty great feeling. Some might even say that it’s addictive!

So could you be a cloth nappy addict? Here are 5 signs of a major commitment to eco-friendly products!

1. You’re always looking for your next cloth nappy purchase

There are so many amazing cloth nappies to choose from! There are different designs and patterns and styles. How can you possibly choose just a few?

Maybe you’re looking for a cool new print, or maybe you just want the latest in cloth nappy fashion. Either way, you can’t bear the idea that of a cloth nappy you don’t own. After all, you never can have enough washable nappies, can you?

If you find yourself searching for new cloth nappy items regularly, even when you don’t necessarily need them, you might be a cloth nappy addict!

Luckily, the cloth nappies you purchase never go to waste – quite the opposite! Shop away, and choose something new. You know your cloth nappies will be used time and time again.

2. You’re up to date with the latest innovations in modern cloth nappies

Modern cloth nappies are a major upgrade on the cloth nappies of generations ago. Every day, new innovations lead to reusable nappies that are better quality than ever!

You might be a cloth nappy addict if you find yourself searching for the latest cloth nappy options. You have a serious opinion on cotton and bamboo manufacturing, and you know which styles you prefer.

You know everything there is to know about how cloth nappies work, and you can’t wait to find out what’s next for the industry.

There’s no harm in being a cloth nappy expert. Soon, you’ll be a source of information for others embarking on the journey to reusables.

3. You tell everyone you know why cloth nappies are so amazing

There are so many things that make modern cloth nappies amazing! They’re non-toxic, totally reusable, and available in a range of designs!

If you often spend your days telling friends, family, and even strangers why cloth nappies are so amazing, you might be on your way to becoming a cloth nappy addict.

As you continue to discover the many benefits of washable nappies, you’re keen to share all that you’ve learned with other parents and the educators at your child’s daycare centre.

One day soon, the world will thank you for being such a great cloth nappy spokesperson and such a great source of information.

4. You refuse to use anything but reusable nappies

Disposable nappies are harmful to the environment and can be harsh on your child’s skin, making cloth nappies a much gentler and more sustainable alternative.

Do you refuse outright to use single-use nappies? Have you collected enough cloth nappies to ensure that you never run low enough to need to purchase a disposable? You could be a cloth nappy addict!

Being consistent about your choice to use reusable nappies is a great thing. In the long run, you’ll be helping the environment and saving money at the same time!

Your commitment is pretty amazing. Make the most of the pay-off when your ongoing nappy bills quickly fall to zero!

5. You know your commitment to cloth nappies is making a difference

Using cloth nappies can help to reduce carbon emissions and waste, ultimately protecting our environment and the world your child will grow up to inherit.

If you know the positive difference that your choice to use cloth nappies is making, you’re probably a cloth nappy addict.

Understanding how to live more sustainably is important, but what’s even more important is taking action by making sustainable choices.

Your use of eco-friendly cloth nappies is the first step to a healthier environment, and that is something worth celebrating!


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