Modern cloth nappies, or MCN for short, are the modern day alternative to the terry square cloth nappies which most of our parents would have used when we were little.

These days, MCNs often feature a colourful artistic pattern that is digitally printed onto a waterproof outer layer. That waterproof layer is then sewn to a stay-dry layer to keep babies and big toddlers dry and comfortable.

Reusable cloth nappies also feature an absorbent insert, designed to catch all the mess. These absorbent inserts are often made of natural fibers like bamboo viscose and organic cotton, or petroleum based fibres like microfibre. We've made it easy for you to learn about the features of each type of fibre in our learning centre.

Ella & Maeve cloth nappies are 100% made in Australia and have undergo a strict registration and approval processes with Australian Made Campaign Ltd(AMCL) to prove that our products are made in Australia using the highest quality materials.

By manufacturing within Australia, we support the Australian economy, can ensure that those who make our products are being paid fairly in appropriate and safe working conditions and we can deliver a premium product that is designed to last for years to come.

It depends how often you want to use cloth nappies and how frequently you wash them.

If you want to use part time during the day, we recommend 8 nappies. For full time day use, we recommend 15 nappies and for full time day and night use, we recommend 24 nappies. These recommendations are based on doing a main wash every 2 days.

However, an easy way to reduce these numbers, whilst still be practical, is to purchase additional insert sets as the patterned shells will always dry much faster. But, if you're anything like us, you'll be a cloth nappy addict in no time.

It is also important to remember that you don't have to use cloth nappies full time. By simply replacing a couple of single use nappies during the day with a premium cloth nappy alternative, you can save more than 900 disposable nappies from reaching landfill in a single year.

If you'd like to know more, check out our journal for additional tips.

During the day, we recommend that you change your baby every 2-3 hours depending upon how quickly your baby is wetting. If you find that your baby is saturated or is leaking through their cloth nappy earlier than 2 hours, you may need to add some extra absorption such as an additional booster. If you're experiencing leaks, we recommend that you visit our learning centre to improve your experience.

Yes! Ella & Maeve's cloth nappies fit from 4kg to 20kg comfortably. Whilst each and every baby develops at different rates and come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes, we designed our cloth nappies to fit big babies and toddlers up to approximately 20kg.

After trying almost every reusable nappy available on the market in 2019, we were unable to find an easy to use cloth nappy which comfortably fit our chunky 4 month old baby that still had growing room.

By choosing to purchase your cloth nappies, change mats and wet bags from Ella & Maeve, you are directly supporting the Australian economy and the revival of the Australian textile manufacturing sector.

We make our nappies as affordable as possible by reinventing the traditional retail pricing methodology that would otherwise price a premium, Australian-made cloth nappy out of the market. Having said that, Ella & Maeve cloth nappies are not fast fashion prices, which often lead to the exploitation of those who make them, and our beautiful planet.

If you're concerned about the cost, be sure to check with your local council, as many are now offering rebates for choosing cloth.


Like our cloth nappies, all of Ella & Maeve's 100% organic cotton clothing is designed and made sustainably & ethically right here in Australia.

All of our pieces are designed to fit cloth nappies comfortably so your baby can explore, play and immerse themselves in the world around them in the ultimate comfort and style.

We take pride in ethically and sustainably producing each of our organic cotton pieces here in Australia and do so in small batches to reduce the hideous amount of waste generated by the fast fashion movement. Ella & Maeve designs each piece with durability and longevity in mind so that they can be worn by multiple children.