Cloth Nappy FAQ

1. What is a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) Modern Cloth Nappy?

You will have noticed that our OSFM Modern Cloth Nappies come with a wide assortment of snaps. These snaps enable you to independently adjust the waist and legs, whilst also adjusting the crotch. By using the varying snap configurations, you will be able to get the most use out of your nappy as it can grow with your baby. 

2. Will it fit my baby?

Our OSFM Modern Cloth Nappies are designed to fit from approximately 4kgs until toilet training (around 20kgs). This will of course depend on the size and shape of your baby. 

3. Where are these Modern Cloth Nappies Made?

All of our Cloth Nappies are made right here in Australia by hand. 

3. How do I clean Modern Cloth Nappies?

When you first  think about cleaning cloth nappies, the first image that pops into your head might be the experience of your Mother/Father and Grandparents, elbows deep in a bucket of Napisan soaking cloths. Well, the good news, is that soaking nappies is a thing of the past. Set out below is quick cleaning guide.

a. Remove nappy from bub. If it is just a wee nappy, place straight into an open air basket (dry pail). The more air that can circulate, the less smells will be generated. Do not cover with a lid and do not soak!

b. If it is a poopy nappy, rinse the nappy under hot water (gloves are definitely recommended!), wring out as much water as possible, treat with a stain remover if desired, and then place into the basket/dry pail.

c. Every 1-2 days, you will need to do a pre-wash. A pre-wash is super important as no one wants to clean their nappies (or other clothes) in poop soup. To do a pre-wash, select a setting on your washing machine so that it will run for ideally around 60 minutes at 40-60 degrees Celsius, and follow the dosing guidelines on the back of your detergent packet. For a pre-wash, half the amount of recommended detergent is ideal.  Once your pre-wash has finished, simply place all of your nappies into another open aired basket/dry pail.

d. Every 2-4 days, you will need to do a main wash. A main wash will preferably take 2.5-3 hours at 40-60 degrees Celsius. Once again, follow the detergent guidelines for a full wash. When it comes to the main wash, machine loading is important. It's best to aim for a load that will be two-thirds full when wet. In my experience, that's usually a lightly full dry load. To bulk up the load, I usually include tea towels, spew cloths and some baby wear items. Be sure to follow your clothing manufacturer's washing guidelines for clothes. 

e. Once your main wash is finished, line dry your nappies in the shade to prevent your nappies from fading. If needed, you can use a tumble dryer but you must ensure that it is set to a low drying temperature. 

4. Do I have to touch poop?

Absolutely not! I invested in a good pair of thick rubber gloves. For newborn poops, simply run under the tap. For more solid poops, these can (usually) be rolled off into the toilet and then washed under the tap. 

5. Where can I go if I have more questions?

Please feel free to send us an email at or send us a DM on Instagram. We love nothing more than hearing from our wonderful customers, and we're always happy to help!