Care and Washing

Caring and washing for you cloth nappies is easy, and with a proper wash routine your nappies shouldn't smell and will last a long time - from birth to toilet training for at least 2 children. 

Step One

Rinse solids off the nappy and hand hot wash. Place all nappies in an open air basket. Do not soak and do not use bleach. There is no need to rinse wee nappies before putting in a basket/dry pail. The dry pail should not smell.

Step Two

Pre-wash all nappies in their own wash cycle for 30-60 minutes at 40-60 degrees Celsius. Place all pre-washed nappies into a separate open air basket. 

Pre-wash every 1-2 days.

Step Three

For your main wash, wash all nappies on a long cotton cycle (ideally 2.5-3.5 hours) at 40-60 degrees Celsius. You can add other items likes burp cloths and bibs to bulk out the load. Ensure the machine is two-thirds to three-quarters full when wet to obtain optimal agitation. Main wash every 2-3 days.

Step Four

Hang out to dry on a line in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. Tumble dry on low heat only.

Always rinse nappies after use in chlorine. Use a good quality detergent like Omo Ultimate or Biozet and follow the dosage guidelines provided.

Do not use bleach, fabric softener or vinegar.

If you are noticing smells, it may be time to do a strip and sanitise and take a good look at your wash routine.  If you're unsure of your washing machine's settings, or your wash routine, please get in contact for a chat. 

For night nappies, either wash first thing in the morning after use on a 60 degree wash cycle or, hand hot wash with some detergent before placing into your dry pail.

You can find more information about care and washing on the Clean Cloth Nappies website.