Educational flash cards for children to learn the colours

Prints, flashcards & wall decals are coming soon...

A stunning collection of hand-illustrated alphabetical, numerical and colour flashcards, prints and wall decals are coming soon. They're the perfect way to effortlessly support the development of your child's foundational skills in numeracy, literacy and cognition.


The alphabet collection offers never ending learning opportunities for your little ones. Printed double-sided and featuring all 26 letters of the alphabet with stunning hand-painted matching illustrations, introducing phonics has never been easier (or looked as good).

Hand-illustrated alphabet flashcards
Laminated flash cards that include hand painted animals, numbers and colours
numbers & colours

Teaching little ones to count can feel daunting but we're putting the fun into learning. The numbers & colours collection is unique with each element being meticulously painted by hand. Printed double sided with rounded edges to keep little fingers safe, the collection includes numbers 1 - 10, eleven different colours and 5 arithmetic symbols and colour theory cards.