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As a Mum of two, I understand that preserving a beautiful world for our little ones to wander, explore & fall in love with, is paramount to letting little imaginations thrive and grow. As a parent, just like you, I set out on a mission to design an Australian made sustainable alternative to single use nappies, and a thoughtfully curated collection of ethical kidswear.

A mum and dad standing on a hillside with their two children in Australian made cloth nappies and ethical kidswear

Cloth Nappies

Do you want to help fight waste by using reusable modern cloth nappies? We have the answer for you! At Ella & Maeve, our cloth nappies are stylish, comfortable, and totally reusable. Every day, you can protect your child from harmful chemicals, all while helping to save the environment from waste.

Our reusable modern cloth nappies are:

  • Australian-made
  • Made using organic cotton and bamboo materials
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Designed to be washed and reused